Kids Corner

How to Create a Kids Corner in Your Store

Kids Corner is a fun space designed to motivate children to learn through play. Whether they’re on school trips, at home, or visiting friends’ houses, Kids Corner will keep them occupied and help them develop essential life skills they’ll use in school and beyond.

The Corner is situated in the heart of the Zoo on the south side near Sea Lion Court and Discovery Trail. Offering a pretend vet check-up and poop station, this educational center provides children with an engaging opportunity to interact with animals.

At Kids Corner, your child can play in a safe and supervised environment while learning about their community, the world around them, and God’s love. Plus they’ll find Bible stories, live-action videos, and comics to further foster their faith.

Kids Corner’s devotions form the cornerstone of its program, encouraging children to deepen their relationship with God through prayer and Bible reading. Each week, Kids Corner includes a devotional, Casey’s Day comics, and Kids in Action videos that build upon what they’ve been learning through their devotionals.

They’re also encouraged to join in on action rhymes and sing along with the show. Children often are amazed at how much they can learn by simply listening, often repeating back words to staff when they don’t comprehend something completely.

A Kids’ Corner is an ideal way to make a good first impression on potential customers and foster an upbeat atmosphere within your store. It provides children with fun while their parents focus on what you have to offer or advise, plus it allows for creating specific walking routes without taking up valuable floor space.

You may wish to set up your kids’ corner in a prominent location so that all children and their parents can take advantage of it. Doing this gives you better visibility and encourages customers to come visit more frequently.

Colors and Seating

Paint the kids’ corner in a bright, cheerful color to boost their energy and creativity. Avoid strong hues like red, orange, or pink which may be overstimulating; instead opt for lighter shades of green or blue which promote peace and relaxation.

Seating is essential in any kids’ corner and should be both comfortable and accessible. A bean bag or large cushion works great here, while you could even add some low-lying shelves to store books and art supplies.

Once children have finished playing, ensure the space is kept tidy and clean. This will encourage them to return again and encourage them to maintain it themselves.

Organizing the Space

Kids’ corners should be organized so it’s simple for them to access everything they need. A hutch, drawers and cabinets can all help organize this area and keep everything tidy.

A kids’ corner is an excellent investment for your business and shows you care about the little ones who come to your shop. It offers them a safe space in your retail shop where they can play and explore, which will reap rewards in the future.

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