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Sony World Photography Awards

The Sony World Photography Awards showcase the best in photography, offering photographers from all over the world the chance to showcase their talent. The awards are held every year and cover a huge range of genres, styles, and points of view. These awards can be won by photographers of any age and experience and are open to people of all backgrounds. Below, we have compiled a list of past winners. All of the winners were honored in a special awards ceremony held in London in January.

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The Sony World Photography Awards is the world’s premier photography competition, consisting of four categories: Professional, Open, Student, and Youth. The top prize for these categories is $25,000, and the competition is open to photographers of all levels. To enter the competition, simply submit a photograph, and a panel of industry leaders will judge it. If your photograph is chosen, you will receive a prize worth up to $25,000 and the opportunity to showcase your work in front of the world.

The competition is open to amateur and professional photographers, as well as student and youth photographers who have made a significant contribution to photography in their respective fields. The Sony World Photography Awards honors both the artists and the photographers who have made outstanding contributions to the field. Photographer Adam Ferguson collaborated with his subjects to create his evocative portraits of migrants waiting at the border. He installed his medium-format camera on a tripod with a cable release and then stepped back and let his subjects choose the moment they wanted the image to be captured.

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