Capsule CRM Review

Capsule is a widely-used online CRM app used by thousands of companies around the world. It enables users to store their email conversations and manage contact info in one straightforward app, accessible on any device with either new or existing G Suite accounts.

Users can create contact profiles by manually adding contact details or by importing CSV files and vCards. These records can be linked to organizations and shared with team members; they may also be customized by adding custom fields and lists tailored for the business’ requirements.

Integrations & Reporting

Capsule CRM is an ideal way to manage your contacts and sales pipeline. It has numerous integrations, such as MailChimp for email marketing, Wufoo for capturing leads from websites, and QuickBooks for viewing invoices. You may even link your account with Zapier or other tools for even greater functionality.

Mobile Features & Accessibility

Capsule has both iOS and Android mobile apps for easy portability. When you log into the mobile version of the application, a local database is created and all contacts, tasks and opportunities are synchronized so you can work from anywhere with your device.

Capsule CRM app is not only accessible on mobile, but can also be accessed from desktop computers or tablets. This convenience makes it ideal when you need to check on your contact history or sales pipeline while on-the-go.

Setting up this app is a breeze, and it integrates with numerous popular software packages so you can stay in contact and manage your sales pipeline from any device. Premium integrations include Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Xero, and MailChimp – making it ideal for mobile workers on the go!

Customer Support

The Capsule customer support team is highly knowledgeable and friendly. They’re accessible through their extensive help center, blogs, articles, videos to answer queries or resolve problems quickly. Furthermore, they have a dedicated customer service email address for added convenience.

Finding the exact information you need when using a new product can be challenging, but the Capsule customer support staff are quick to respond with answers or solutions. They have an exceptional customer support culture that encourages them to address issues as they arise rather than allowing them to accumulate over time.


Capsule recently released an update called Teams that introduces a powerful new feature to their platform. With this upgrade, users can assign leads, customers, and opportunities to specific teams with restricted user roles so only those members with those permissions have access to relevant data.

Pipeline Visualization & Management

The Sales Pipeline view is an incredibly helpful Capsule CRM feature that can significantly boost your sales efforts. It displays all opportunities in a Kanban-style view that’s easy to navigate with drag-and-drop functionality. Furthermore, you have access to filtering tools which enable reports for any period or user.

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