EA FC 24 Season 4 Act I Fanfare Launches

On the 25th January, 2024, FC 24 Season 4, Act 1 launched. Those willing to put in the time to level up the season pass (which is free) can look forward to a whole heap of rewards, including top loan players, coin boosts, gold players, and more. Other than buying FUT coins, this may be one of the best ways to power up your team.  

Let’s tell you all about it!

Rewards in Season 4 Act I Fanfare

There are twenty levels of rewards in this part of season 4, requiring a whopping 20,000 XP to hit the max level. At the moment, there is no defined end date for Season 4 Act I, but you should be getting this wrapped up within a couple of months, otherwise you’ll miss out on some pretty sweet rewards at the end of the pass. 

The season pass will give you a whole heap of rewards, with much of it focused on Carlos Tevez, with his loan card coming in at level 1, and various versions of the player appearing multiple times over the course of the season.  This is in addition to tons of gold players, plus legendary players like Julian Brandt, John Arne, Riise, and Tomas Rosicky. 

All of the cards in the FC 24 season are untradeable, not that you will want to trade away some of the bangers that the season pass offers you. While we can’t imagine many experienced players will be adding these players to their teams, it is likely to be something that newbies in FC 24 will use for the early part of their ranking journey, especially the loan cards.

How to Level Up Your FC 24 Season

To level up your FC 24 season, you’re going to need to play a lot of games. Every week there’ll be weekly objectives that need to be completed, in addition to some daily objectives. Complete these, and you’ll be levelling up in no time at all. You might also want to consider an FC 24 boosting service, where not only will you be climbing up the season pass quickly, but you’ll also be gaining a few ranks to get you facing some of the tougher competition in the game. 

If you start now, and play daily, it is virtually certain that you will manage to grab all the rewards on the season pass, and your team will be much stronger as a result.

When Does Season 4 Act I End?

At the moment, there seems to be no time frame on how long Season 4 Act I will last. However, since it will take at least a few weeks to rank up all the way to the end of the season pass, expect it to be at least 2 months before Act II of the pass is unleashed. 

Boost Your FC 24 Team Today

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